Collection: Holiday

Founded in 2009, Holiday is the foundation brand of the Holiday Trading & Co company and is the result of a global  journey,  influenced by the essence of travel and discovery. Over ten years since it's launch, Holiday has now cemented itself as one of Australia's most loved resort wear brands.

Designed between the small coastal town of Robe and our urban space in Adelaide, South Australia, every piece is a collaborative story of looking, listening, gathering and  skilfully weaving together beautiful fabrics and materials in our hand -blended colour palettes and original prints until each piece is ready to be presented to the customer.

With two releases each year, a fascinating patchwork of people contribute to each Holiday collection. Village artisans with textile skills handed down through the generations stitch the garments together with love and pride. Leather workers toil over the shoe and handbag designs to bring them to life and whole communities work side by side to bead and hand-thread the unique jewellery, and then there's our amazing design and production team who collaboratively work together from our coastal and urban offices in South Australia.

Curated to embody a free-spirited style where soft washed colours, and bright exotic patterns mix with beautiful natural linens and cottons to create a com bination of essential summertime pieces.

Our collections are designed for real women with real bodies and real  lifestyles, always encompassing a number of options to take you from the beach to the bar, out for lunch with friends, or just a day at home with the family.

Relax, loosen up and drift away in a warm haze of colour, pattern, and floaty fabrics.